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SARDYARAN Co., ltd. Is an International trading & engineering company based in Tehran/Iran, and acts as importer, distributor and after sale service for/or on behalf of our foreign partners .
We represent and cooperate with several major and main European manufactuers on exclusive basis such as :
Iar-Sital (Italy)

Home Appliance & Machinery

Ficep  S.P.A (Italy)

CNC & Cutting Machinery (punching, drilling, cutting system for large plates). 


Imagro SPA (Italy)

Variety of materials for Different Industries as well as Home Appliance, Designe and Arrangement of Production Lines. 


Fecken-Kirfel GmbH& Co. (Germany)

Cutting Machine, Trimming Machine & spilling Machine for foamed products.


Ilpea SPA (Italy)

Raw Materials (Magnetic and PVC Compound) & machinery.


Hennecke GmbH-Polyurethane Technology (Germany)

(A Bayer material Science Company)
Foaming plant, machinery & equipment.


Liebherr  (Germany, Swiss & Austria)

Home appliance, Technology & Machinery


  Bay System Pearl (U.A.E)

Polyurethane Foam, MIDI, Adhesive, R141b, etc.


Geiss AG (Germany)

Termoforming & Vacuum Forming Machinery, CNC & Cutting Machine.




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